I Need to Write...

I've been gone too long. I could blame it on motherhood, or the start of the school year, or the torn Achilles' tendon. But what this down time reminded me was that I need to write. Need. Like oxygen.

Because even as I lay here with football on TV, and a blue cast on my leg, and a brown dog, and a baby asleep in the other room, as much as life changes, I still need to write. So I'm writing.

Because it makes me feel just a little bit less trapped.

Because it keeps me a bit more sane.

Because it helps me make sense of this life.

Because I have to.

My friends, family and students keep reminding me. They are reading my books, or blog posts, or Facebook posts, and they are talking to me about them. Every time they do I remember why I write. I have a story. I have stories.

I need to write.

But I also need you, so thank you. Thank you for reading. For reading the books, and the blogs and my little tweets and status updates.

But even if you didn't read, I'd still write, because, well, I need to.

That is all.

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