Chocolate Chip Cookie Confessional

I love warm, homemade chocolate chip cookie fresh from the oven, golden brown around the edges, soft and chewy in the middle with melted chocolate oozing from each bite. When I had a craving, I used to make big batches of these cookies, eat way too many, feel sick, eat a couple more for breakfast and then pack the rest away in little bags away to give away to chocolate chip cookie loving people in my life.

But then I got wise. Why not save the dough, ration it out for the week and savor two cookies a night. So that's what I've been doing. For a couple of months now, as if it were my 2010 cookie resolution, I've been making half-batches of cookie dough, scooping a couple cookies onto a sheet each night and storing the rest in the fridge until tomorrow. I have the recipe memorized.

I know, they sell cookie dough at the grocery store and at CostCo. This is not a completely original idea, but what makes it so perfect is that it's just a couple of cookies a day. Except on the nights when I bake three, or four. But two cookies can't be that bad for you, right? Besides, I work out, and they make the house smell so good, and they are so very tasty. You should try it. No kidding. You can thank me later.


"Hot dog!" ~Jimmy Stewart, It's a Wonderful Life

If you don't like processed meat, well, this isn't the blog post for you. But after sampling Dogtown Dogs last night I began to compare all of the hot dogs I've ever had. Can't quite rank them just like I can't pick a favorite kid (if I had kids): they are all wonderful in their own ways. 71 days before Dodger Stadium opening day but my mouth is already watering. Maybe this year Gantt will actually take me to the game. Favorite hot dogs, people?

Dodger Dogs. (Dodger Stadium) You have to be there and David and I like them with lots of ketchup and onions.

Nathan's Famous. (Coney Island) Yum. Something about that snap of a Nathan's.

The Stand. (LA) http://www.thestandlink.com/
For those of you in LA, there are a couple of locations and after sampling several from their menu, I've liked all of them. My favorite is the one I ate after my testing fast last year, The Big Red Chili Dog, but anything JP brings on hot dog Thursday at Emerson works for me. Their homemade potato chips are delicious too.

Pinks (LA) http://www.pinkshollywood.com/
Waiting in that long line in Hollywood seems to make these dogs even tastier. David swears by the Huwell Howser Dog and I usually go with the chili cheese but I just saw the LA Phil Conductor Gustavo Dudamel Dog which looks all kinds of yummy.

Dogtown Dogs (LA) http://dogtowndog.com/
You have to track down Dogtown on twitter to find out where they are, but it's worth the work. The Morning Commute: bacon-wrapped all-beef dog topped with a fried egg. So tasty tasty. The tater tots are good too.

Oki's Dog (LA)
On Fairfax by LA High, this spot wraps pastrami, chili and hot dogs in a giant tortilla. Uhmazing. The owner is from Okinawa so it's no wonder I like them.

Puka Dog (Kauai) http://www.pukadog.com/
Kauai sucks, but these hot dogs were a perfect snack on the beach between rounds of mai tais. They wrap polish sausages, bake it in a bread bun and top it with fruity relishes and garlic lemon secret sauce. Mmmmm.

I can't wait to try Let's Be Frank... but any other recommendations from anywhere from Portland to China are welcome!