Fighting for Democracy: Some Inspiration from Egypt

Octavio Roth artwork depicting right 26 from
the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.
It has taken me a few days to start paying attention to the images and stories emerging from the protests in Egypt. After listening to the voices of a people silenced for so long, I felt inspired to do something. I want to fight for democracy and give a voice to those going unheard. Today I made the connection between the pro-democracy movement in Egypt and what is going on in public education.

It is not very democratic that those is the position to make decisions about education policy rarely enroll their children in our public schools. Local communities should be able to make the most basic and important decisions about their local schools.

It is not very democratic that education policy ties funding for public schools to unproven reforms. Education is a right, not a race.

It is not very democratic that corporations are allowed to take over public schools in the name of "reform" and without regard to school community input. Every child should have equal access to quality education. 

Fight for democracy in your community. Support public education!


  1. I tried to support it by sending my eldest there for a year. I was one of three parents (of 20) who showed up consistently to chaperone field trips, volunteer weekly, bought wrapping paper, staffed fundraising booths, and supported other events. I've gotten a lot of flack from a neighbor who is a huge supporter of public schools, arguing "But think how much you could do for that school!" It's also not fair when only a few parents are involved and do all the work, week after week, even if it's to benefit their own child.

  2. Sounds like you were doing a whole lot more than just sending your eldest there, Susanna. Our school communities have to understand that some are more able to do more than others. Do what you're comfortable doing and don't judge. Perhaps I'm naive, or too soft, but I still see you as a public education ally.