52 Poems: Week 15 "Haircut"

So, for National Poetry Month my students are working on collections and I am working on poems about motherhood. If you read last week's poem, you will recognize a few touchstones in "Haircut" in this call of words poem about those first snips of  Kiara's hair.

by Noriko Nakada
Inspired Pablo Neruda's “You Will Remember”

Today I cut your hair
for the first time
just after your first birthday
because of Filipino tradition.

I consider keeping
those precious wisps of hair
like tiny feathers between my fingertips
and tying them up in ribbon.

I can hardly believe you—
the girl molded like clay
in my swollen womb—
are this little person sitting here now.

But the morning is busy
so I watch your feathery wisps
wash down the kitchen sink
and float away in silent water.


  1. Beautiful landmark parental moment relished, recorded sentimentally and then flows through to the next daily-life moment.

    You're a "real" mom.