National Poetry Month: April Challenge of a Poem a Day

Our little April Fool... 
For the past couple of years I've worked with my students to compose 30 poems and put together collections during April for National Poetry Writing Month. This year April begins as I'm still on maternity leave and my students are on spring break, but I wanted to get started so I sought out some resources to help me along. If you want to read or write with me, here are links to sites I'm using to help me write a poem a day this April. 

This first one by Writer's Digest and offers prompts each day (and contests if you're interested).

This one other a poem each day that can provide inspiration (as well as poems from previous years). 

Here is my first poem inspired by Kiara's birthday this past week. 

April Fools

Today passed like any other twenty-four hour day
the dawn light seeping into the sky
and through our windows
and then seeping out the door that night

but today I was able
on several occasions
to imagine myself in a few years
looking back on this day

when she turned three
just two months after he was born
when we were on spring break
groping blindly through the early days of parenting two

and while our children slid around us
with their perfect lips and eyes
with their ten fingers and toes
so sweet and vulnerable

we played fools
the two of us together
hoping no one would notice
our desperate attempts at creating

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