National Poetry Month: Life Poem

Yesterday's poem was a bit of a bummer, I know, so I'll try to lighten it up a bit. While writing Death, Life, Work & the Words In-Between, I learned that I tend to write pretty serious poems. Many of my students write about kale, the Illuminati, pickles, and raisins while others write about death, suicide, and serial killers. My poems definitely lean toward the latter, but this one isn't so bad.

"Morning Conversations"
Spring Day

A spring morning 
still in bed
with all of my loves:
the baby
the toddler
the partner.

A morning run 
after breakfast
under clear skies
still clean 
from the rain
of a few days ago.

A late-morning walk
for coffee
when the toddler notes
“It’s a beautiful day”
reminding you
that it’s a beautiful day.

A long nap
when we all sleep
and dream
and wake
taking a few moments
to reopen our eyes to the day.

An early bath in bright light
that floods our afternoon
and a cool breeze
under cloud-dappled skies
before an early bed time
on a spring evening.

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