First Day of School Jitters

Sometimes I worry I won't be able to do it.

Maybe this year, because now I'm a mom of two, because I'm so tired-in-my-bones, because I've become the veteran teacher, because, because, because, I can't.

But every year, well, every year so far, my students have filled my room with energy. They lift me up and help me forget the grief of losing my mother, or the heartbreak of leaving my six-month old at daycare, or whatever else might be weighing me down.

And every year, when I ask them to, they share their stories. They remind me that mine is just one of so many stories unfolding. Sometimes, their stories bring a small smile, or a belly-laugh. Sometimes, their stories make me hold my head in my hands. Sometimes, I have to turn away and fight back the tears.

I've promised myself I will walk away from teaching if I ever stop loving this job, my students; their stories. So, tonight, as I wait on the edge of another school year, I hope I can do it again. I hope we can all do it again.

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  1. Beautifully said. And yes, I cried.

    1. Of course you did. You and I, Mich, we will be crying until the end.

  2. I wish i could turnd the time back and bee your student agen i know i an not a perferct at spelling but. I always try my best and you are a wonderful teacher thank you Ms.Nakada i misst your class at Emerson Middle School.