Ten Blog Posts to Start the School Year: Fuel for Fire or I Got This

Yesterday, I posted about how this summer didn't provide the restorative break I'm used to between school years. I don't know if it's that I've been teaching so long (20 years!), or because of the two-kid life, or just because I'm getting older, but refueling wasn't as easy this break.

Fortunately, I'm surrounded by inspiring educators who helped remind me what it takes to reenergize and I get to watch many of these journeys on social media so their adventures get to be mine as well.

Heather, an amazing special ed teacher wrote this (note the parallel structure even though she's a science teacher): "Eat well, drink well, sleep well. Spend tons of time with family and friends. Unplug and go off the grid." I've seen Heather do this (well, not sleep, but the other stuff) as she and her family take a cross-country road trip each summer.

Jessica, a high school history teacher, not only planned a quince this summer, but also managed to refuel with a trip to Europe and Iceland. She wrote: "Travel, exercise, and tons of sleep!"

I think I may have figured out what I missed this summer. I needed to sleep more!

A few years ago, I traveled with Steve, a middle school history teacher, and he refuels with travel, exercise (specifically bike-riding at the beach), catching up with former students and their families, getting more sleep, watching movies and reading.

Again with the sleep!

And Veronica, whose food adventures are inspiration enough, focuses on creativity with scrapbooking and crochet.

Some other teachers responded with sleep, travel, time with family and friends, doing NOTHING, catch up on TV, play video games, eat ice cream, grow things, and experience joy. I'm so thankful for these responses. They remind me that next summer I need to read, exercise and sleep more. Writing is one way I always refuel, and I managed to get that in. I was fortunate to have some travel as part of my summer, but the sleep and doing NOTHING were missing!

Today, the new school year starts and I feel so much more ready today than I did yesterday. I'm going to attack this school year like a badass gymnast.

"I got this." ~ Laurie Hernández

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