Best Burger Within a Five Mile Radius

Ever since 5 Guys opened up at Fox Hills, the best burger in LA debate has resumed. You have your classic In-N-Out v. Fatburger and Father's Office vs. The Counter. And fries? You can't forget about the fries.

Here is my take on the best burger & fries combo within a five mile radius from home.

5. Five Guys. Okay, I've only had their burgers once and the hype put my expectations pretty high. I like all the topping options but I hate how they list the calories. The roasted peanuts are a nice touch but 4.29 for a little cheeseburger seemed a bit much. I like the skin on fries and the cajun fries are tasty in a Hot-Cheetos kind of way.

4. Father's Office. If there is a burger Nazi in LA, this is it. No modifications. No substitutions. This is the burger they serve and if you don't like it, don't order it. No ketchup. Grilled onions, blue cheese and a big hunk of ground beef. I like it, but can never finish it. To me it's about the beer and the sweet potato fries at Father's Office but there is no ketchup and be prepared to pay. Father' Office is pricey (David and I rarely get out of there with less than a $50 bill). There's no table service and if you want water belly up to the bar and get it yourself.

3. Hole in the Wall Burger Joint. This hidden gem tucked behind Winchell's at Santa Monica and Sepulveda allows you to create your own burger (turkey, veggie, ground chicken, or beef). It's pretty pricey at 7.95 each, but it's big and I am able to make two meals out of my turkey burger. Toppings are generous and their sweet potato fries are tasty. Like Father's Office, this is an anti-ketchup establishment. *cash only

2. The Counter. When I want to build my own burger, this is where I go. My favorite is their Monday happy hour. You choose a three-slider tasting along with three beers. So tasty. And along with their half-and-half fries (sweet potato and regular), for me this is the best sit-down gourmet burger meal in town.

1. In-N-Out. Let's face it. If I'm craving a burger and I'm really hungry, I head to In-N-Out. So consistently fresh and delicious, I'm a cheeseburger and fries girl (and I occasionally add a neapolitan shake). It's simple and tasty and I always seem to be starving whenever I eat it. The fries aren't the best but the combo works and I'll take it for the price any day.

That's my list. I'm sure there are some Fatburger, The Habit and Apple Pan fans out there. Let the debate begin!


  1. After finally trying Five Guys yesterday, I can say that they don't even come close to making my top 5. And while I enjoy The Counter's mini burgers, I still don't think they make the cut either. I think all the options for both places turn me off. My opinion is that if they've got a good burger, they should serve it to you the way they think is best. No alterations.

    So, with that, my top 5 are:
    5. Islands
    4. The Shack
    3. The Habit
    2. In-N-Out
    1. Father's Office.


  2. Ok here it goes...burgers first! I believe there are 3 type of burgers, the traditional (ketchup, mayo, lettuce tomato, pickles, onions) , the gourmet (those fancy smancy burgers that Nori you consider Nazi and can't make any changes to , and the specialized/design your own burger (those that come a certain way or you design). I think that burgers should be rated in their category because how do you compare an In-n-out burger to a five guys burger? They are two different types of burgers!

    5. Islands
    4. The Habit
    3. Fatburger
    2. Five Guys
    1. Hinano Cafe-a total dive bar with one amazing burger!

    4. Fathers Office
    3. 25 degrees-#1- arugla, gorgonzola, caramelized onions, bacon and
    thousand island dressing.
    2. Rustic Canyon-Niman Ranch Burger
    1. Umami-Manly Burger

    Specialized/design your own
    5. The Counter
    4. Slater's 50/50
    3. Apple Pan-steak burger
    2. In n Out
    1. 26 Beach

    Traditional Fries
    3. Fatburger fat fries
    2. Rustic Canyon
    1. 26 Beach

    Sweet Potato Fries
    3. Fathers Office
    2. Slater's 50/50
    1. The Veggie Grill-without the potato seasoning

    Nori-it took me a couple of times at Five Guys to really start to like their burger. I think the mayo and cheese they use hurts the burger. But the meat is so soft. I have to TOTALLY disagree with you on hole in the wall but I only had it once and had it with the pretzel bun. All in all it just depends on what burger mood you are in!

  3. Wow. Well, first off, Camille, Islands? Really? I never know what to order there. But I LOVE their fries. I always eat way too many. I confess, I've never had The Habit. Perhaps a taste test is in order. And the shack burger is pretty good but it's too much for me with the hot links and everything.

    Hailey, you don't think of In-N-Out as a traditional burger? How is it a design your own? What is this Slater's? Is it within a 5 mile radius? If so, I might need to sample.

  4. For me, you just can't compare these burgers. They are just so different.

    For example, In-n-Out versus Fatburger? No comparison. In-N-Out has a light, frothy burger that leaves you quite satisfied but never busting-the-seams full. Fatburger...well. It's Fatburger. I usually have to roll home after one of those solid hunks of meat. It's good that I usually walk there--I need the exercise.

    And then there is Islands and their juicy, weighty burger packed with delicious condiments. Mmmmmm...

    Top veggie burger? The Counter.

    I have not been to Father's Office, although I have tried multiple times. I can't seem to wrap my head around waiting in line outside when there are plenty of delicious restaurants along the block. I also haven't been to 5 Guys. Yet. :)

    I'm trying to lower my cholestrol. This conversation is NOT helping!

  5. My reply never posted, hopefully it works this time! I think of In n Out as a speciality burger. Oops I went out of the 5 miles! Slater's 50/50 is in Anaheim and they are known for their half beef, half bacon burger. They are similar to the counter with a design your own burger style. They have a full bar with a great beer slection, great appetizers, and sports on the tv! I wish we had one closer!