12 Days of Blog Posts: Nakada Basketball Reunion

Tonight I drove with Dad out to Forest Grove to watch my niece play basketball. She starts. She's a freshman. She's a baller. She's a Nakada. Well, she's a Flennaugh, so she's already taller than her mom and aunt. And although her height might come from the Flennaugh side, Nakada basketball is in her blood.

I wasn't really sure what that meant, but with her mom, her aunt, and her uncle sitting in the stands I began to see what Nakada basketball is all about. 

We all probably learned this from our dad. Nakadas play tough defense, play point guard, push the pace, drive to the basket, draw the foul, and hit shots. Pretty basic basketball concepts that have served us all well for many years of playing and coaching. And Nicole did that all (although we were encouraging her to do it all even more). 

She played tough d, ran the point, helped break the press, and she hit three threes. Her team won comfortably and the Nakada basketball tradition carries on.

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