Who's the Boss? all grown up...

Maybe I haven't given enough credit to Who's the Boss.  I watched a few episodes when Samantha and I were both little tomboys, but as we both grew up, we grew apart.  And although I can still sing the song, "A Brand New Life" from the opening credits, I can't recall the plot of a single episode.  But seeing where the cast is today makes me think back to that show with a little more nostalgia.

It started with Judith Light during that first season of Ugly Betty. Then I joined Twitter and realized that my long-lost bff just might be Alyssa Milano.  She's a sports fan, a Dodger fan, and an animal and human rights activist.  Her tweets are entertaining, helpful and informative. Then, that Tony Danza started teaching.  In a fall rife with teacher-bashing and public school criticism, Mr. Danza's show Teach, helped remind me how rewarding, frustrating and humbling my job is. Thanks, Mr. D.

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  1. I think I got into advertising because of this show and Full House. I now curse them from a cubicle.