@Spectermagazine Friday Twitter Topic #top10bkmovie

Again, there was a twitter hashtag I had to chime in on and this time it's books made into movies. Here are my top 10. I put 11 on twitter so Henry the V had to go.

1. To Kill A Mockingbird: inspires just with the score and opening credits.

2. Whale Rider: indigenous girl's coming of age story, lovely little book too.

3. Pride and Prejudice: the BBC version with Colin Firth that made me love Mr. Darcy not that ridiculous Keira Knightley one.

4. Precious based on the novel Push by Sapphire: didn't think it could be done. A different experience but equally devastating.

5. A Room With a View: Helena Bonham Carter saying, "Freddy, go look for tennis balls!" is my most quoted movie line.

6. Capote: a movie about a book about an author writing a book.

7. The Hours: another movie based on a book about a writer. A modern take on Virginia Wolff?

8. A Single Man: Oh, Colin Firth, you kill me again. And if you haven't read any Christopher Isherwood, the time has come.

9. Malcolm X: Alex Haley + Spike Lee w/ Denzel = <3.

10. Stand By Me: Stephen King meet River Phoenix.

I've forgotten many others. Help remind me.


  1. Notes On A Scandal! Both the book and movie are salacious candy I enjoyed every minute of.

  2. Yes, that's a good one, Raymond...