Overdue Apologies: Eighth Grade Mix Tape

Ah, it's finally here! The eighth grade mix tape! We're the kings of the school! Awesome! And this is the mix tape for the 1987-1988 school year at Pilot Butte Junior High. Go Giants!

Scene: I decided to start the morning announcements like Robin Williams from Good Morning Vietnam. Might not have been such a great idea.

Scene: A night at the movie theatre to see La Bamba.

Scene: George Michael in ripped Levi's and leather revenge jacket is all I need to take me back to eighth grade.

Scene: Most requested for truth or dare prank calls.

Scene: Perfect slow-dance song. 

Scene: Post-break-up it was all about George Michael's "One More Try."

Scene: After a brutal game of truth or dare, we listened to the Less Than Zero Soundtrack.

Scene: Toward the end, I contemplate loneliness with INXS...

My turn as DJ ends here. Hope you enjoy listening while reading Overdue Apologies.

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