Overdue Apologies: Sixth Grade Mix Tape

Music is a huge part of my middle school memoir, Overdue Apologies (coming March 10). The book is divided into three parts, sixth, seventh, and eighth grade. In the lead up to the release, here is a mix tape to go with the first part of the book. Enjoy a mid-80s flashback to go with my sixth grade year.

Prince's Raspberry Beret: scene... on my first outing with BFF-to-be Jamie, we sing this Prince song in the car on our way to see The Gods Must Be Crazy.

West End Girls and What Have I Done to Deserve This: scene... at Robin's house, we listened to The Pet Shop Boys and these two hits topped our playlist.

Don't You Want Me: Then it was Human League. We wore this album out after school at Robin's.

One More Night: scene... The Valentine's Day Dance at Cascade. My first slow dance...

Danger Zone: scene... I think Jamie and I saw Top Gun at least three times that summer...

Stand By Me: scene... Jamie and I saw Stand By Me that summer too, so the 50s songs on that soundtrack mingle in the musical memory for that time.

Everyday: scene... getting ready for the first day of seventh grade.

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