So, how are your book sales going?

Today at the end of a long day at my second job (teaching), one of my colleagues asked about my first job (writing). "So, how's your book selling?"

I told him things were going okay, but that it was hard to know. This is what I've thought about since then:  well, I haven't cracked any best-seller's lists, after toying with sales rankings in the thousands on Amazon in December I've fallen to the hundreds of thousands in February. But my dad, he's practically sold 100 copies on his own. You can now find my book in real life places (Between the Covers in Bend, the Nikkei Legacy Center in Portland) and buy it or order is from bookstores like Powell's. So I don't really know how sales are going. I wish there was a magic formula to stimulate the book, some tipping point when sales would accelerate and I wouldn't know every person who has read or ordered the book. As of right now though, my goal of 10,000 copies seems impossible, but maybe I won't feel that way in another three months. I guess I'll have to wait and see.

So, I've arranged a bunch or words in a particular order and put it between two covers. Any takers?


  1. Well, I bought three books. So you've sold that much, at least! :)

    Chin up, Noriko. You're a published author!!!! Your fans shall continue to sing your praises, and word of mouth does wonders for book sales. Don't stress about numbers, think about your next novel. :) I'll take three copies of that one, too.

  2. Isn't 10,000 a major hit for a literary novel or memoir? By which I mean that it's great to aim high-- and indeed, everyone should go out and get themselves a copy (it's that good!)--but you should by no means feel like not getting to 10,000 is a failure. I think even a couple of thousand is considered pretty respectable, and that's at presses that have publicists and distribution channels etc...
    Anyway I loved it and I'll go a post a review on Amazon in the next day or so. Let me know if you're reading in L.A., I'd love to come!
    xoxox Laurence

  3. Thanks for your support! I'm definitely keeping the chin up and hope that word of mouth does work wonders! Oh, and Laurence, I'm reading at the Rhapsodomancy series on Sunday. I'd love to see you there~


  4. Add my three to your list. And I'm going to share my review on Goodreads. Remember a million years ago when we were sitting in my old backyard drinking cokes with p-nuts and discussing The Secret Life of Bees? Next month we'll be in the new backyard drinking coffee and talking about Through Eyes Like Mine. No matter how you look at it, damn cool. You are a published author.

  5. Thanks Mich, that is awfully sweet. Tear.