52 Poems: Weeks 9 and 10 Dog Sonnets

I posted Sherman Alexie's "Facebook Sonnet" last week and since I've fallen behind, here are a couple of the poems it inspired to catch us up. One is my own, about the night Scout bit Kiara. The other is by a student, Skyi, with similar themes.


The dog bites Kiara and we’re staring
at one another, unsure what to do.
Most nights at this time we’re online glaring
at our screens with memes, jokes, and photos too.

Tonight we’re in the ER pensive, sad.
How do you post about this in a tweet?
How can you hashtag away something bad?

We stare and wait until the words come out.
He tweets, and posts, and we’re not so alone.
The ones who can help do, or they curse Scout
for biting again, needing a new home.

  Our daughter is fine that morning at dawn.
  We’re traumatized and our poor Scout is gone.
~ Noriko Nakada


At school waiting for sixth period to
end, until finally the bell has rang.
I rush down stairs wondering what to do.
Then I see my mom; with my friends, can't hang.

Running and running to my mother's car
opening the door I say, "Hi, Mom."
She's smiling with a grin but no so far,
not so happy but I have to stay calm.

Halfway home and my mom decides to speak.
She tells me Jenny has been put down.
I burst into tears as I take a peek
at old pics while my smiles turn into frowns.

  Posting old pics of my best dog ever;
  knowing I will always love her forever.          
~Skyi Hilliard

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