TBT: Once, I Was A Party Planner

This week, D and I have been pulling together Kiara's first birthday party and it really took me back. Before Pinterest and helium shortages, we used to throw some parties and post pictures of them on Kodak Gallery. Oh, how times have changed. So, for Throwback Thursday, here are a few images from a few of the events we planned together pre-K.

"Time of My Life" Prom complete with balloon arch, photo station, and dance floor.
Those were the times of our lives, apparently. Now there's a helium shortage!

We introduced the world to pineapple vodka for David's birthday. 
This image does not capture the crazy that night got.
Italian dinner in Highland Park was a birthday celebration but today it is remembered as:
The Night Camille Joined the Family.
I made a couple of Dodger cakes for David's birthdays.
But I think all of this party business might have started with Thanksgiving desserts...
and that led to flowers...
and then there is the love for wine and cheese...
Some great times with amazing friends; good food and tasty drinks. Surely there are more celebrations to plan, they will just be of a different sort (kid birthday parties).

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