12 Days of Blog Posts: Balancing Busy

Mom always said I was too busy; that I work too hard. I'm starting to think she was right. In high school school it was three sports, and school, and choir, and friends. In college it was almost always 18 credits, and work study, and volunteer work. Now it's parenting, and teaching, and coaching, and reading, and writing, and exercise. And all these goals I set, that are actually quite ridiculous, but they provide some structure to what seems to be a crazy life.

Maybe these two can help me find some balance. 
So here is my near-the-end of the year update on those goals for 2015.

Reading: I wanted to read 48 books. I've read 10. I hope to finish 2 more before the new year.

Writing: I wanted to write 20 hours per month. Not close there either, but I wrote plenty for NaNoWriMo which just proves it can be done.

Submitting: 5 pieces this year. 5 rejections. I know I need to get my words out there if I'm going to build this writer-life. I guess I just don't know how badly I want it.

Blogging: This will be blog number 28. It's more than last year. It's 20 fewer than I hoped, but this 12 Days of Blog Posts thing will get me closer.

Exercising: I started biking to work 2-3 times a week which comes to 20-30 miles per week. That along with the miles I've run means absolutely nothing... except I'm getting in the miles and getting to closer the body I'd like to live in from here on out.

So, balance. I haven't found it. Not even close. I'll be thinking again about what I want from this next year, what I really want, and aiming for some balance within my busy.

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