12 Days of Blog Posts: Gifts of Words

Tonight I'm looking at hand-lettering tutorials and printing pages of fonts in prep for tomorrow's gift of words lesson. UCLA Writing Project director (retired), Jane Hancock, introduced me to gift of words at the language arts cadre and she writes about it on edutopia.

It's a great end-of-semester project when all of the work of noveling and essay-exams are over and we have some time to think about letter and words. I love word-doodling and hand-lettering my favorite words and quotes puts me in a kind of meditative state.

I love to give and then let my students exchange them as well. This time of year I usually give Robert Frost's "Stopping By Woods on a Snowy Evening" and "Good Hours" because they are so wonderfully wintry.

But this past summer I stumbled on this quote that made me want to create my own collection of words:

So, I gave tried a couple, and I think I need to make better use of a ruler and pencil.

That was all I made time for this summer although I have quite a collection of Kiara and Gabe's names.

Hopefully get another couple done this week. Maybe I'll try to create a personalized bookmark to go with each of my books. (images to be created soon...)

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