12 Days of Blog Posts: Mandatory Three-Week Vacation

After Thanksgiving break three long/short weeks ago, I started this count down. 15 days. 15 days before a mandatory three-week vacation.

On the last day of NaNoWriMo, I looked at one of my student's names and couldn't remember the student. It took me ten minutes to figure out who he was. I needed a break. 14 days.

I collected 140 novel drafts and scanned for cheaters. Found a few. Read some absolutely incredible work. Worried about the self-mutilation, depression, sex, drug use, suicide attempts, and eating disorders my students wrote about. 13 days.

Reviewed the novel-in-verse Inside Out & Back Again about a Vietnamese girl who becomes a refugee when Saigon falls. 12 days. 11 days. 10 days.

Students submitted their novel covers and excerpts. 9 days.

Shannon Bradley-Colleary spoke with my classes about her experience aiding refugees in Greece. I cried every period, and then coached three basketball games. 8 days.

Prepped students to write essays about the universal refugee experience. 7 days.

ESA at ICE and a few gifts of words...
Students wrote introductory paragraphs about how Ha's story from Inside Out & Back Again relates to the universal refugee experience. 6 days.

Students wrote body paragraphs citing evidence from three outside sources and connecting that evidence to Ha's experience. 5 days.

Passed out field trip slips for ice skating. Students finished up essays. 4 days.

A terrorist threat cancelled school for the day. 3 days.

Passed out field trip slips for basketball games, finished semester grades, and started students creating a gift of words. 2 days.

Two trips to Coffee Bean, passed out a gift of words to every student, and took 70 kids ice skating. 1 day.

1 day before a mandatory three-week vacation to refuel, refocus, and come back to school ready to go again. 1 day.

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