12 Days of Blog Posts: NaNoWriMo Excerpt on Earthquakes

This year my National Novel Writing Project took an unexpected turn. My realistic fiction piece titled #nerdyjock turned thriller when my protagonist's sister turned up missing.

Here's an excerpt from this work in progress because, to be honest, I don't have the energy tonight to create something new.

Lo on Earthquakes

We’ve been having all of these earthquakes lately. Some people say it’s because of fracking, others say it’s the fault moving little by little which might actually be saving us from the big one. Or maybe, it’s just getting us ready for the big one.

But no matter how small, I hate earthquakes. They jolt me wide awake, send my heart racing and force me to imagine a world of absolute destruction.

None of them have come at school, so no one really knows how freaked out I get, but Mom and Dad have a hint. They try to ease my fears, show me the earthquake preparedness kit, tell me they have a plan for what we will all do if the big one hits and we are at school and work.

The last big earthquake in Southern California was the Northridge quake. I wasn’t alive when it happened, but Dad talks about it sometimes, how he got motion sickness from all of the aftershocks. Mom wasn’t living in LA at the time, so she’s never been in a really big one either.

It’s the pictures that I can’t quite get my head around, how the earth shifted causing freeways to collapse and buildings to crumble. I never pass under a tunnel without thinking about how it would be a terrible place to be during a quake.

And every time we have one, I get a little more nervous and wonder what would happen in my life if the big one hit.

The thing is, sometimes earthquakes aren’t of the fault-slip kind. Sometimes earthquakes shake up your life, hit when you least expect them and leave you devastated. The question I want answered is, am I ready for the big one?

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